Saturday, 1 December 2018

My first Creative team post

Hi everyone, I'm really pleased to announce that I have joined the Creative team for the Artistic Stamper. this is my local Craft Shop and is based just outside Faversham in Kent. It's really conveniently situated just off a motorway junction, so takes me about 30 minutes from my home in Maidstone.

It's run by husband and wife team Mal and Jennie Boxall, it's got a fantastic shop and runs fabulous classes, and if you are lucky Jennie cooks lunch for some of them, and Jen is a fab cook.

Anyway, so the first challenge was "Christmas" and I decided to use some of the 3D figures I had got from the shop and make my own Winter Wonderland.

I decorated the trees using paints, artistic stamper stamps and stencils and of course some stickles and for the deer I used crackle paint to create their textured coats.

These photos show the finished item and the products used, with a short description of how I created each item.

The large tree I base painted in Sage and then created an ombre effect using Pine Grove and Granny Smith, taking care to keep the ombre at about the same level on both parts of the tree, so that when joined together it matched, however I joined it together to check and then couldn't un-join it, which made adding the rest of the decoration a wee bit harder. But I used the Artistic Stamper background trellis stamp with gold paint to add an overall decoration and then filled in the link bit with stickles.
I then mixed some gold paint, water and stickles and used this to add interest to the outside edges.

This tree was base painted in sage and then using the stencil I added different colours of oxide ink  in circles, I used the snowflake stamp and stamped in Lucky Clover all over the tree, and when dry used the dots stamp to add a snow effect using white embossing powder.

I used the large circle stencil to add overlapping colours, I then stamped the snowflake in metallic glaze to add a slight shimmer, and then dry brushed the metallic glaze on the outside edges.

The deer were an experiment which I think worked out quite well. Base painted in sage then added crackle paint in white to the top parts, to create the effect of a well worn coat, I used antiquing cream to highlight the cracks and then used the ecoline bush pens to add a mottled sort of colouring to the rest of the deer, I then dipped their hooves and nosed in embossing ink and heat embossed with black powder.

And finally some close ups for you, which will help see the effects I created.

So there we go my first Creative team post, hope you enjoy and I will try to make it a bit shorter next time.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Washi Tape

Read a really good article in Craft Stamper October 2018 by Pretti Datta, called Vintage Layers it used washi tape as a base and starting point.

Now I may have a few rolls of washi tape 🤣, so I decided to have a go, I used a brighter colour palette than Pretti and it worked a treat, loved the method so much, I made a card and a scrapjournal page.

You may have noticed I'm loving black and white butterflies at the moment, that's courtesy of the fabulous Tracy Scott.

This is a great method and would recommend you give it a go.

Let me know what you think.

New Blog

I've had to start a new blog, because I hadn't visited my old blog for ages and then had real problems getting consistent log in to it, so I had left that one as it was, you can still visit it, I just cant seem to get proper access.


Anyway I hope some of my old followers find this new site, will try to get update post on old site.